January 2016

Shoes from APL-sexier than it sounds!

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Im constantly looking for new shoe technology that feels good and looks good. I do think design is important although it definitely isn't mor important than functionality. I stumbled, clumsy as I am, across a [...]

Let’s go to Spain!!

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Im so excited to announce that Ill be presenting and teaching at Springtime travels and Womens Health Swedens Wellness trip to Palma De Mallorca 19-26 of March. Its mostly a trip for Swedes, but to get inspire look [...]

Body Prep Day 4 – How Hip are you?

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You would think and open heart is the key to everything, but open hips are actually the key to physical happiness! My favorite, the pigeon pose is good for the back butt och the outside of your [...]

Body Prep Day 3: Hamstring heaven!

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Most of us have tight hamstrings due to the way we live our everyday lives. And if they're tight, they're weak. To increase flexibility, and with that create movement efficiency, we just simply ave to [...]

Body Prep Day 2

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Lets start with 10 sun salutations and deep breath to kick the day of right! If you want some guidance, click on the link for a short video of sun salutations.

Restore to begin again!

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  A big part of creating Lifeforce to me is to treat and train your body in a way that makes it more intelligent, pain free and efficient for living and to live in. This [...]

Mental cleanse – Tap into your Big Magic

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I just finished Big Magic, a book on the importance of tappin into your creative parts for life. Elisabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, invites us to think and do without needing the world to validate our [...]

Mental Cleanse 7 days

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I don't necessarily like to make New Years resolutions, unless they're fun and exciting like: I resolve to make a funny face to strangers in the elevator at least once a week in 2016! But I do like to [...]

Clean yet?

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  I like to finish strong on the last days of the cleanse. You should be feeling light, and have less sugar cravings if you've followed the instructions properly. I now challenge you to continue this healthy, superfoods based [...]

Loud Cleanse day 5-7

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Day 5- 7 Add protein!! I make eggs for breakfast, and tomorrow I'll add some salmon for dinner. Everything else says the same: Veggies till you drop!

Bendable Body at EFC

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I'm honored to teach at Evolution Fitness Conference! Come take Bendable Body and Weigh Hard Cardio Where: Los Angeles Convention Center  When: Saturday 24 at 9-10.30 am

YES! There’s protein in that!

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  With the popularity of plant based diets on the rise, more and more people are looking for alternate protein sources.  We all know how essential protein is for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. [...]

Loud cleanse! – Many Ways To Love Avocado

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INTROOOOOOO--The avocado, maybe most famous for its guacamole but also referred to as the alligator pear. Not surprisingly because it looks like a pear with alligator skin. Here are more reasons to LOVE [...]

Cleanse your way in 2016! Day 1-4

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LOUD CLEANSE DAY 1-4 One of the best things you can do for your body, mind and soul is a detox.  Cleansing your system helps you hit the reset button.  It clears out all the [...]